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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  February 11, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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the world. >> i have to be honest, i'm as shocked as all of you. >> reporter: it's the first time a pope has resigned in nearly 600 years. on the streets of europe, some people refused to believe it. >> this media -- >> reporter: he says it can't be true. it would be too huge for the church for something like this to happen. a vatican spokesman said the pope deserves respect for making such a personal and courageous decision. the pope's resignation sets the stage for a new papal election. vatican officials hope to elect a new pope in time for holy week at the end of march. pope benedict had big shoes to fill in 2005 when cardinals chose him to succeed john paul ii. one of his biggest tasks was responding to the priest sexual abuse scandal. >> indeed, i am deeply sorry. >> reporter: pope benedict issued an apology to victims and said the church made serious mistakes. today the pontiff called his choice reresign "a decision of
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great importance for the life of the church" and said he will dedicate the rest of his life to prayer. contend, to replace him include the archbishops of vienna and milan, cardinal timothy dolan of new york is a long shot. >> what happens next at the vatican? >> reporter: what happens next is that the vatican will announce a date for the conclave which is when the world's voting cardinals will come to rome to vote for the next pope. in the meantime, the pope says he will continue to work doing what he normally does. >> anna matranga live at the vatican, thank you so much. and the pope's decision is drawing varied reactions from catholics here in san francisco. some are concerned about the timing while others are talking about what kind of successor should be chosen. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran talked today with parishioners
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and clergy. reporter: many parishioners coming to st. mary's cathedral were hearing the news for the first time. >> is the pope saying this is the best decision he has made? i think this -- i don't know. this is a major decision i would say he has made. i would want to stand by him. >> reporter: the move comes two days before lent, the holiest time of the year for catholics. some parishioners say it's poorly timed. >> it's a matter of, you know, if he have the strength to go on, then stay on. >> reporter: 89-year-old pope benedict made it clear in the past he would step down if he couldn't do the job. the san francisco archdiocese agrees with his move. >> this is an act of boldness on the part of this pope and also and act of great humility. i think he recognizes that if he cannot handle the job because of his health and his strength levels, that it's better to let go.
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>> reporter: religious leaders say there could be talks of selecting a pope from a third world country to better reflect the catholic population. >> a lot of people think that the new pope should come from those -- one of those developing countries so that the church can really emphasize those issues. >> reporter: parishioners say they would like to see a change from trends of popes in the past. >> a lot of catholics who attend mass are old enough so we need attract young families, more abundantly. >> there's a lot of, uhm, i would say candidates for the papacy that need to be taken into consideration not being italian and there's a lot of countries in the world that need to be looked at. >> reporter: san francisco archdiocese tells us former san francisco archbishop now cardinal william levada will be part of the conclave that will select the new pope. the cardinals expect to hold a conclave to select the new pope
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before the end of march. in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. a manhunt continues in southern california for the ex- lapd officer accused of killing three people. a reported sighting at a lowe's home improvement store in northridge was a false alarm. it's been now eight days since police say christopher dorner killed his first two victims. lapd was on high alert for last night's grammy show. los angeles officials also announced a $1 million reward. this comes as the search for the former officer winds down in the mountains east of l.a. meantime, l.a.'s police chief has reopened an investigation into the circumstances of dorner's firing. >> if he was to give himself up, we would be glad to listen to what he has to say. >> reporter: dorner claims he was fired for reporting a fellow officer for excessive force. the last clue investigators have of dorner's whereabouts was thursday when they found his burned pickup truck near a
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mountain resort. a rude awakening for people in one concord neighborhood sunday morning after someone slashes at least 60 tires up and down their street. this is just one of the cars targeted on three streets in concord's valley district. you can see whoever did this did not stop at just one tire. concord police say in some cases, all four tires of the cars were cut. the police commission in san francisco will hold its final hearing on tasers this evening. the pilot program would arm 100 officers with tasers as a nonlethal alternative to reduce gun use. critics are concerned about the taser safety. the last planned community meeting starts this evening at 6:00 at the bayview opera house. texas governor rick perry kicked off his campaign to steal business away from california today. he is already in the bay area hoping to lure companies to the lone star state. the five-day trip includes stops in silicon valley, san francisco and los angeles. last week perry put out tv ads
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across california touting the benefits of doing business in texas. well, one business not buying it is the arizona web hosting company now has a home here in california. kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington is live in sunnyvale, where they are just minutes away from cutting the ribbon on this new silicon valley location, elissa. >> reporter: hi, michelle. they are very happy to be here in sunnyvale. that ribbon-cutting happens at 12:30 where the mayor and ceo will speak. right now the company occupies more than 8,000 square feet of this building and has plans to expand. they say things are bigger in texas, but does that mean they're better? governor rick perry would certainly say so. he is in california trying to woo companies from here to the lone star state where there is no state income tax, this just the latest push following an ad released by texas officials last week. >> i hear building a business in california is next to impossible. >> reporter: a company known for its outrageous ads like this one that aired during the
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super bowl just unveiled its new office in sunnyvale. hosts websites and is headquartered in arizona. senior vice president of applications steven al drink says it has been a dream to expand to silicon valley. >> we had to be in california and we're thrilled to be in sunnyvale. >> reporter: there's 40 employees here and they plan to double that by next year. and despite the golden state's high taxes, he says in the long run it's better to grow here in the high-tech hub than in texas. >> you have to be in silicon valley. the talent that's here, great developer, great product management, great design. you can't get that anywhere else. >> reporter: a thought echoed by the sunnyvale mayor who saw more than 800 new businesses come to the city last year alone. governor perry plans to visit san francisco, los angeles and silicon valley. the mayor says he will be wasting his time in sunnyvale. >> our companies are pleased to be here. they are good partners with us. we work well together. you know, my hat's off to him for trying to help his state, but i think he's picking the wrong area and i don't believe
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he will be successful. >> reporter: there are current job openings here so if you are interested, you're encouraged to apply. elissa harrington kpix 5. the grammy goes to -- ♪ [ music ]♪ >> next, music's biggest night doesn't disappoint. we have the winners, loses and performances plus a look at the winners with ties to the bay area. >> and tornadoes tear through the south as a blizzard buries the northeast. this weekend's damaging storms. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the kpix 5 weather center. lots of sunshine outside right now. can't find the raindrops. but maybe some temperatures near 70 degrees. we'll talk about that coming up.
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more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ the f-t-c looked at reports from th a new government study shows 20% of consumers have
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errors on their credit reports. the fcc looked at reports from the three major credit agencies. equifax, experion and transunion, one in five had errors and 5% could lead to the consumer paying more for mortgage or other loans. the fcc says its findings underline the importance of checking your credit reports consistently. the week started lower on wall street. the dow is down 21 this hour. investors had little economic news to react to today. but the market has had a good run so far this year. the dow jones industrial average and s&p are both up nearly 7% and near their all- time highs. the nasdaq is up 6% to its best level in 12 years. president obama's state of the union address is expected to focus on the economy. he is set to address job creation and age growth tomorrow night. the president says he will also discuss upcoming budget fights including the march 1 deadline
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for automatic defense and domestic cuts known as the sequester. and you can watch the state of the union tomorrow night at 6:00 right here on kpix 5. and we'll have a special edition of kpix 5 news right after. last night's 55th annual grammys had plenty of high notes. ben tracy takes us back stage to show us the big numbers and special moments. ♪ [ music ]♪ >> reporter: a grammy performance is meant to be memorable so the three guys known as the band "fun" were caught "singin' in the rain." ♪ [ music ]♪ >> reporter: taylor swift was the ringmaster of her own on- stage circus. ♪ [ music ]♪ >> reporter: rhianna gave one of the more intimate performances of the night. >> the grammy goes to somebody that i used to no. >> reporter: gotye won for best record but were most thrilled about somebody they had never
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met. >> you told us you wanted to meet prince tonight. not only did you meet him but he handed you a grammy. >> awesome. >> reporter: you seem to be in shock. >> we are. we were shaking getting up there. ♪ [ music ]♪ >> reporter: the fun guys won best new artist and song of the year. but needed a bathroom break. >> i have to pee so bad so i'm going to leave this up for one of these guys. >> reporter: kelly clarkson barely made it to the stage. >> i'm so sorry. i got stuck to miranda lambert. >> frank ocean. >> reporter: and chris brown made niece for what he did not do, staying in his seat while everyone else gave grammy winner frank ocean a standing ovation. brown allegedly punched ocean in the face this month. ♪ [ music ]♪ >> reporter: justin timberlake broke out two eagerly awaited new songs keeping it classy in black and white. >> grammy goes to [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: the top honor of the night album of the year
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went to the british band mumford & sons. >> we're very grateful for all of this country and the grammy foundation for being so welcoming. ♪ [ music ]♪ ♪ i will wait for you ♪ >> that was one memorable performance there. it was a big night for a few folks with ties to the bay area. liam mayclem wraps up those winners for us. >> reporter: tonight, bonnie raitt won her 10th grammy award for best americana album. the legendary singer spends her time between northern and southern california but her heart and soul belongs to the bay area. >> you get a chance to live where you really want to live in a place with all that beauty, it can't help but heal you. >> reporter: another big winner, michael tilson thomas, and the san francisco symphony. they won best orchestral performance for the live recording of two works by bay area composer john adams. this is the symphony's 15th grammy.
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surround sound album c ♪[ music ]♪ >> and that is liam mayclem reporting. another grammy winner with bay area ties, the best surround sound album called modern cool was recorded at skywalker sound in marin county. remember, you can find complete coverage of the grammy winners, the performances and all the fashion on our website, more than 60 people were injured when a tornado touched down in mississippi. this is amateur video that captured the twister making its way through the college town of hattiesburg yesterday. 200 houses and mobile homes were destroyed or damaged due to this storm. tough driving conditions in the northeast today after a weekend blizzard left up to three feet of snow. schools are closed in boston, providence and on long island. 136,000 homes and businesses are still without electricity. and that's tough for these guys. >> horrible.
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>> it's so cold there. >> yeah. they are starting to get some rain today to add to the problems and you get that melting snow and concerns of flooding. >> they need a break. unfortunately, they may be right back in another good storm as we head into the next weekend but right now, boy, we are enjoying that sunshine outside everywhere you go today. you will find sun at the coastline overlooking san jose right now blue skies and sunshine, can't find very many clouds now. that ridge of high pressure just too dominant. tonight we'll see some cold conditions in the interior valleys. some fog moving in along the coastline and maybe just inside the bay. but i think a warming trend especially in the latter part of the week as we'll see some temperatures soaring near 70 degrees. outside now 62 degrees in oakland, 63 santa rosa, 60 in san francisco. blue skies all the way to the beach. and here is that ridge again building in and a dominant ridge. this is going to keep the storm track north of the bay area for the next five to seven days so these temperatures running rather mild. a dry week ahead looks like so yeah, boy, can't change it so might as well enjoy it.
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looks like overnight tonight, we'll see some patchy fog developing along the coastline and maybe just inside the bay. not a whole lot but maybe just a smidgeon of fog early on. and then looks like we are going to see an offshore wind kick in as we head in toward the latter part of the week. of course, that will help clear out your skies to the coast and warm those temperatures up. 62 degrees expected in san jose, 59 today a little cool into pacifica, east bay temperatures up into the low 60s. and as you head inside the bay we'll find plenty of sunshine and some temperatures running as high as 63 degrees in oakland, about 64 in santa rosa and 62 in mill valley. still some freezing temperatures possible maybe some frost in the valleys. overnight lows in the 30s and 40s. next couple of days, well, may cool things down a tad tomorrow. and then we start to warm things back up on wednesday. and on thursday and friday and heading into the next weekend, some of those temperatures near 70 degrees. how about that? >> you know what? i think i'm going to call in sick on thursday and friday. >> somehow that doesn't surprise me. >> right? [ laughter ] >> good idea. you have to enjoy the day. >> glad you told the boss.
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[ laughter ] thank you. just kidding i'm going to be here. still ahead, hockey hilarity. when a wild bird steals the show on the ice. you don't want to miss this.
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what's that? when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. eatery. ============b r e a k ============== stephanie tantillo is taking us out on the town with a delicious dish from a new san francisco eatery.
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>> hello, i'm stephanie tantillo for stephanie's bites and i'm here at ma stra in san francisco where i get to have some delicious turkish cuisine. >> first i want to start with milk and cauliflower and bring it to boil. our fennel, we are going to use half fennel, we are going to cut into quarters and sear it. put in the oven for 10 minutes. 375 degrees to roast it. cherry tomatoes. >> fresh rosemary. >> almost one garlic, roughly chopped, sea salt. as you can see it's starting to peeling a little bit and that goes into the oven. now we are going to make the pomegranate molasses and balsamic reduction. it's common in our culture. one tablespoon. and add some sugar.
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>> it's gotten bigger. in italian cuisine there's a lot of herbs. in spanish spices. so turkish is both. goofing up the puree and cauliflower. this is flour and milk that you cooked it in. >> it has the nice sizzle and crackle. >> three to five minutes. >> that looks beautiful out of the pan on top of the cauliflower bed, fennel that we roasted. this is molasses and balsamic with the tomatoes. >> fennel seeds mixture. fresh fennel leaves. >> i have had a great experience here. i have learned a lot about the cuisine and learned a little turkish. [ non-english language ]
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bakersfield condors game friday night.. then she bolted! her wrangler tries to get her.. but she proves to be slippery -- and so does the ice! the bird bounces around the rink, eventually getting ' penalty box.. >> the condor's game friday night. a condor took off and got into the condor penalty box and majoring a run for the locker room. >> the star spangled banner continued. >> that's the funniest part. have a great afternoon.
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>> hope: don't talk about my mother that way. >> steffy: [ grunts ] pushing me? are you serious? >> hope: i am proud of my family, and i am proud to be a
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logan. i'm sorry. do you need help? >> steffy: don't touch me. i'm just stating the facts. you logans are all alike. it's a bit presumptuous, don't you think? to assume you and liam will just pick up right where you left off months ago. >> hope: you're really not letting go. steffy, don't you see what's happening here? >> steffy: oh, i see, hope. all too clearly. you feel privileged. our jobs, our men, our company -- you feel entitled to all of it. why? because your name is "logan." >> eric: taylor, i told you before. i'm here for you. >> taylor: i know you are. you've already done so much. >> eric: the forrester family would not be who we are today if it weren't for you. >> t


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